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The gold rules for the safe purchase of your property in Italy.


Surveys and mortgage 

  • Checks must always be at the Register Records and property at the Land Registry to verify the validity and ownership of the property.

Solvency of the entrepreneur or the construction company

  • If you buy the property from a company, check with the relevant departments that the same is not in the failed state.

Check inheritance taxes

  • If the property is received to the seller through an inheritance, you should have been paid in full inheritance taxes.

Real estate agency

  • When you buy a property through an estate agent, make sure that it is registered with the Court and to the Registrar of Companies at the Chamber of Commerce of the place, as well as the real estate agent that follows the negotiation.

Unpaid expenses of the condominium

  • Before proceeding with the signing of the definitive purchase, check with the administrator of the palace, that the seller has paid all the expenses.

Area with a high density of traffic

  • If the area where you intend to buy a property is among those who have a large presence of cars in transit, ensure that the views of the apartment is on a very busy road to avoid exhaust fumes and loud noises.

Presence of parking

  • If the property that you purchase does not have a garage or a parking relevance, check that there are no difficulties in the park your car.

With public transport

  • Check that the neighborhood in which you want to buy the property is well served by public transport to ensure the connection to the areas that may be of interest for work, school, etc..

Tenant on the top floor

  • When you have identified the apartment suitable to your needs, make sure that you do not live on the top floor a person who, for reasons of work or another, can stay awake at night and disturb the public peace.

Public green

  • Check that, in the area where the apartment is located there are green areas, public gardens where they can play or just walk around the kids.


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