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ASSIGNMENT OF SALE: (incarico di vendita)

  • authorization by which the owner gives the agency the task of selling the apartment

MOTION FOR PURCHASE: (proposta di vendita)

  • letter in which the interested buyer, in writing, agrees to buy a property

NEGOTIATION: (trattativa)

  • transaction that the seller and the buyer seeking a meeting to define the real estate sale

VISURE MORTGAGE AND LAND REGISTRY: (visure ipotecarie e catastali)

  • controls applied at the relevant offices (Cadastre Register Records, etc..) to verify the correctness of the property.

COMPROMISE: (compromesso)

  • agreement by which the seller and the buyer define in writing, the methods of buying and selling real estate.

DEPOSIT: (caparra)

  • the amount paid to the compromise that engages both the seller and the buyer. If the buyer defaults, the seller may deduct the amount paid, if the defaulting party is the seller, the buyer has the right to have twice the amount paid. In addition, the party is not in breach may require the execution of the commitment and payment of damages.

DEPOSIT PENITENTIAL: (caparra penitenziale)

  • only the amount paid to compromise, you lose if one of the parties withdraws from the contract

OMBUDSMAN: (mediatore)

  • the agent, or the estate agent, enrolled in the special role of the Chamber of Commerce, which is interested in the deal.

PAYOUT: (provvigione)

  • the amount received by the mediator at the conclusion of the deal.

DEED: (rogito)

  • the final act of sale, which represents the final transition of ownership of the property. And entered into by a public act, and shall be drawn up by a notary public.

REGISTRATION TAX: (imposta di registro)

  • Are all the taxes that the buyer must pay to the Italian state.

USUFRUCT: (usufruttuario)

  • is the one who has the right to enjoy the property

BARE THE OWNER: (nudo proprietario)

  • is the one who has the ownership of the property, but can not use them until the reunion with the usufruct

LANDLORD: (locatore)

  • those who rent out a property

CONDUCTOR: (conduttore)

  • who rents a property

FEE: (canone)

  • the amount paid at a fixed maturity, for the rental of a property

CHARGES ACCESSORIES: (oneri accessori)

  • the sums which, in addition to the fees, are paid by the tenant for the use of the property. Incidental expenses are the costs of building, heating and utilities (water, electricity, gas ...)

SECURITY DEPOSIT: (deposito cauzionale)

  • the amount paid by the tenant, at the inception of the lease, the landlord. It can not be more than three months and will be returned at the end of the lease.


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